Aberhart | Laurence Aberhart, Justin Paton, Gregory O'Brien

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Aberhart | Laurence Aberhart, Justin Paton, Gregory O'Brien


Published by Victoria University Press in association with City Gallery, Wellington and Dunedin Public Art Gallery, 2007

250 x 280 mm, hardback, 304 pages, 238 full-page reproductions

ISBN 9780864735560

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This beautifully crafted book brings the work of internationally renowned New Zealand photographer, Laurence Aberhart, into sharp focus with exquisite full-page reproductions and essays by leading art writers Gregory O'Brien and Justin Paton.

Laurence Aberhart has come to occupy a singular position not only within the world of New Zealand photography, but also within the wider visual arts culture. His images—like those of Eugene Atget and Walker Evans, two presiding spirits in the Russell darkroom—gain resonance with each passing year. Gregory O'Brien

Aberhart's extraordinary achievement has been to create photographs that carry the intimacy and urgency we associate with certain scenes from our own family albums. In the last two decades, he has widened the focus of his art without dimishing its intensity, moving from the rites and intimacies of his immediate family out into those of the wider culture—an album encompassing, as he put it in an eight-word manifesto from 1985, 'My family, my country, my head, my heart.' Justin Paton