Art Photography | David Bate

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Art Photography | David Bate


Published by Tate Gallery, 2015

270 x 210 mm, softcover, 160 pages, 90 colour illustrations

ISBN 9781849762243

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The last few decades have seen a huge growth in interest in photography, with art photography now recognised as central to the development of modern and contemporary art. In this accessibly written survey, David Bate introduces the major themes from the earliest days of photography in the 1830s to the present day, examining the many ways in which photography and art have intersected since the birth of the medium. 

Introducing art photography through a series of frames – from pictorialism and documentary to archives, narratives and the conceptual uses of photography – he shows how vibrant, diverse and global art photography has become. Featuring works from a wide and international group of artists, including Fox Talbot, Roger Fenton, Lee Miller, Brassai, Robert Frank, Nan Goldin, Ed Ruscha and Gillian Wearing, Art Photography uncovers the Anglo-American and European contexts as well as those of Asia, Africa and the Middle East. This is the essential introductory guide from one of the leading writers in the field – for students, gallery-goers and all those with an interest in photography and its place within contemporary culture. 

David Bate is Professor of Photography at the University of Westminster, and a practising photo-artist. He is author of Photography: The Key Concepts (2009) and Photography and Surrealism (2004).