Handboek Ans Westra Photographs | Luit Beiringa (out of print)

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Handboek Ans Westra Photographs | Luit Beiringa (out of print)


Published by BWX, 2004.

300 x 260 mm, hardback, 224 pages, colour and b/w

ISBN 0476008077

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Handboek" Ans Westra Photographs provides an in-depth insight into the 45 year photographic journey by one of New Zealand's most persistent documenters. Born in Leiden, the Netherlands, Ans Westra came to New Zealand in 1957. In a few short years she was to commence on her life-long photographic journey documenting the lives and cultures of New Zealanders during a period of cultural, societal and generational change.

The 130+ photographs reproduced here in full plates and essay illustrations include many images not seen or published before. While the bulk of the photographer's images have appeared in the many publications she has contributed to, this comprehensive survey, accompanied by some of the best writing yet on the photographer, provides the reader and viewer with a rare insight in Ans Westra's achievements. 

Contributors: Luit Beiringa, Lawrence McDonald, John B. Turner, Cushla Parekowhai, Damian Skinner, Kyla McFarlane, Gavin Hipkins, Christina Barton.