Neil Pardington: The Order of Things | iPad Edition


Neil Pardington: The Order of Things | iPad Edition


Published by Baker+Douglas Publishing 2016


Exhibitions & Reviews:

Two Rooms Gallery, Auckland, 22 May - 17 July 2013

Suite Gallery, Wellington, 3 - 26 October 2013

Jonathan Smart Gallery, Christchurch, 5 - 27 June, 2015

AANZ Conference paper, Elizabeth Rankin, Transcending Classification: Neil Pardington's Museum Photographs

Ocula, Neil Pardington

Paemanu Ngāi Tahu Contemporary Visual Arts, Neil Pardington, The Order of Things




In 2004 Neil Pardington began a series of images investigating the back rooms and storage areas of musuems, art galleries and hospitals. The first body of work he produced as part of this ongoing series is titled The Clinic. Those works were soon followed by a second series The Vault. In this, his third group of works, The Order of Things, he has photographed wet room specimens held in the storage areas of the Auckland Museum. They are works which are both visceral and beautiful at the same time.  

'Pardington was no stranger to museum store rooms, which had formed the subject of his 2004-8 series The Vault. There it was the places themselves that were the focus of his attention, with serried ranks of cupboards and shelves defining deep perspectives that pull in the eye centripetally, or grids restricting space and compartmentalising the picture plane. These photographs portray an uncanny world - silent and vacant of life yet teaming with the traces of past lives in myriad dead specimens. Sometimes the specimens dominate an image but, subjected to the vagaries of storage praticalities, they show little evidence of taxonomic order. Yet the underlying concept of classification captured Pardington's attention . . . [and] was to become the overriding subject of The Order of Things in 2013, a series in which his focus is on the individual specimens themselves, taken out of context and given centre stage, but ultimately reassembled into taxonomic tables.'  Elizabeth Rankin, The Order of Things, 2013

Contributors: Elizabeth Rankin, Michael Stevens, Andrew Paul Wood,  Kriselle Baker, Ewen McDonald.

In 2011 Neil Pardington received the Arts Foundation, Marti Friedlander Photographic Award making this series of work possible.