Portraits in Lace, Breton Women by Charlers Fréger | Marie Darrieussecq, Yann Guesdon

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Portraits in Lace, Breton Women by Charlers Fréger | Marie Darrieussecq, Yann Guesdon


Published by Thames and Hudson,  May 2015

225 x 190 mm, hardcover, 264 pages

ISBN 9780500517994

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Portraits in Lace is a series of contemporary photographic portraits of Breton women wearing traditional lace headdresses, by one of Europe’s most exciting young photographers.

Charles Fréger has photographed a series of portraits of Breton women wearing costumes and headdresses of endless variety: from high starched towers to elaborately pinned, tucked and embroidered confections of handmade lace, as delicate as they are distinctive.

Costumes and headdresses may indicate a wearer’s village, as well as age or status. They are worn for celebrations of a marriage, birth, or a local saint’s day, or to mark a period of mourning. Young girls, women both married and unmarried, mothers, sisters and grandmothers pose in costume for these wonderful photographic portraits.

Over 50 headdresses are introduced and described in a separate reference section, accompanied by specially commissioned illustrations. Fréger’s exceptional photographs demonstrate a wealth of pride and personal expression that make this book a unique testament to a living tradition.

'Here myth and ritual are replaced by tradition and meticulous craft as Freger turns his formalist gaze on the exclusively female traditional costumes of Brittany'. Observer

Charles Fréger is a photographer based in Rouen, France. Internationally acclaimed for his subtle and poetic portraiture, he has devoted himself to the representation of social groups. Previous books include Wilder Mann, published in 2012.

Contributors: Marie Darrieussecq, Yann Guesdon